How to Improve the Performance of Your Air Conditioner in Darwin?

September 3rd


Now that the summer has arrived, the weather can get pretty hectic here in Darwin! To tackle the extreme heat, your air conditioner in Darwin needs to be performing at its best! However, just when you find that the A/C was performing efficiently during the winter season, come the summer time, under performance takes in charge and you’re A/C has already taken the back seat. If you have found yourself in this position, you are not alone, plenty of people face such issue every summer. However, some simple maintenance work can easily prevent such problems from occurring and the performance of the conditioner could be boosted significantly.   Here are 3 effective tips that you should follow:  
  • Keep the vents free of debris
  • The performance of you’re a/c could be kept consistent and efficient by keeping the vents free of debris. Keep an eye on your air conditioning vents from time to time. These are located either in the floor or ceiling. Know about the size and type of the air filter, if they have any. Use vacuum and keep the vents free of dirt and pet hair when you find any. Do it on a regular basis, whenever you have time. Removing the debris from the indoor air supply vents is crucial to sustaining a stable airflow throughout the system. In addition to that, your vents may also be blocked by furniture, toys, rugs or blinds. Make sure that the vent is free, even if it means re-organising your furniture and home decor arrangements.
  • Keep the thermostats away from heated areas or appliances
  • Did you know that the location of the thermostat decides how efficiently your AC would perform? If the thermostat is located in a hot place such as near a lamp, appliance, sunny window, it cannot gauge out your home temperature properly. A certified air conditioning specialist in Darwin is fully aware of it and will never install a thermostat in a heat-prone are. So, if you think that the thermostat is located in a poor spot, fix the issue! Or else, it might result in increased utility bills and the system will have to work harder than is required.
  • Keep the windows covered during the heat of the day
  • Another great way to boost the efficiency of your a/c is by drawing the curtains and closing the blinds during the hot sunny days. When the windows are closed, your lower the amount of heat entering the home, keeping the system working more productively. Before leaving the house in the morning, close all the curtains and blinds to make sure that the home remains cool throughout the day. When you return home, you can open them up and enjoy the late-afternoon sun without sacrificing the comfort indoor.

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