Mould Killing

The use of reactive silanes functionalized with antimicrobial agents has been demonstrated to provide surfaces which are resistant to microbial growth and subsequent biofilm formation. These surfaces become resistant due to both the biostatic repulsions of microorganisms to the surface and due to the highly charged cationic density and physical attraction of the resulting polymer network.

These non-leaching antimicrobial surfaces can be applied to a variety of substrates due to the highly reactive silanol groups associated with the antimicrobial agent. These reactive groups bind both to the surface and itself forming highly cross-linked networks that form durable protective coatings on virtually any surface.

Equally effective against bacteria, fungi, and algae – Broad spectrum
• No negative effects (physical, visual, or odour) on product
• Little to no health/security risks in application, storage, or installation
• Easy to apply – fits current processes.
• Ability to verify proper treatment at the surface on the retail shelf
• Environmentally friendly – No leaching of toxins.

The Benefits of Incorporating the FORCEFIELD Technology into Specific Products:

• Offers the end user an additional level of infection control and safety to their customers and staff.
• The reassurance should personnel not follow standard operational procedures, there is an extra layer of protection working 24/7.
• Standard cleaning procedures will not adversely affect the antimicrobial protection.
• Antimicrobial effectiveness will continue throughout the life of the product.
• Forcefield’s invisible coating stays adhered/impregnated to the surface it is applied to, unlike silver or triclosan technologies.
• Forcefield is not metabolized by cells.
• The technology takes advantage of the weakness of the cell wall and ruptures it with this physical/electrical force.
• Forcefield does not leach into the environment or person and its mode action does not lead to microbial resistance, i.e. superbugs.

Forcefield Fogging Solution + Protector
A state-of-the-art Nano technology disinfectant and odour neutraliser, that physically kills (not poisons) viruses, bacteria and fungi (mould). The active ingredients within the product binds to any surface creating a Nano film that gives 24/7 protection for up to 12 months.

Features of Fogging Solution + Protector

• Safe for all surfaces
• Non-toxic
• Non-flammable
• Environmentally friendly
• Physically kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi (mould)
• Neutralises musty/mouldy and any bad smell
• Leaves the area smelling fresh
• Product costs 6-10 cents per m2 RRP
• 1 treatment can give up to 12 months on-going protection

A standard treatment process takes less than 20mins and requires minimal or no provisions to complete. The product does not harm any surfaces e.g. timbers, metals, gyprock, paintings nor any material e.g. wool, silk, leather or synthetic fabrics. If anything, it protects them!