Air Conditioning Cleaning

Top End Chill offers one of the most proficient air conditioning cleaning service in Stuart Park, specialising in washing and sanitising split systems, ducts, and cassette and window units meticulously. We ensure that your air conditioner is cleaned efficaciously to maintain a fresh and healthy air quality thus helping you live a healthier life.

What do you get from choosing us?

Protect your health, make your air cooler energy efficient and save loads of cash in the process. Our specialized cleaning service maintains the highest of standards when delivering thorough cleaning ensuring you are fully benefitted and satisfied with the end result. Our service guarantees:

Enhanced energy efficiency of your units

An unclean air conditioning system has to work harder to carry out the cooling and heating functions effectively. As a result it draws more power to get the job done. Our thorough cleaning service makes sure your a/c is completely clean enabling it to provide efficient cooling. A clean air conditioner can save 30% power usage for hat unit.

Clean and safer air to breathe in

Heat pumps are the prominent place for microbial contamination. Over time your cooler is infected with moulds, fungus and bacteria. These contaminants become airborne every time it is turned on putting asthma and allergy patients at risk. Our comprehensive cleaning solution gets rid of all these microbial enabling the flow of cleaner and healthier air to breathe.

Air conditioning system that lasts long

You may believe that cleaning the filter of your air cooler is enough to it clean and well maintained. However, this is just the tip of the ice berg and the base still remains dirty. A thoroughly cleaned a/c works more efficiently, using less power to perform the cooling and warming. This helps it last longer, ensuring that you do not have to fix or replace your air conditioning system frequently.

We serve any commercial and residential premises at a very affordable price. Many years of experience provides us with ample knowledge and expertise to handle and deliver the perfect cleaning solution to types of air conditioners. So whether you have a central air conditioner, ductless, window, portable, hybrid or geothermal a/c, we are adept at handling each and every type and brand with perfection. So if you need a proficient air conditioning cleaning near Stuart Park give us a call. We provide free quotes and are open to your queries 24/7.

To get efficient and reliable air conditioning cleaning in Stuart Park contact us now.


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