Air Conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Running More Efficiently

April 17th


Due to lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, air conditioning units need to work much harder to deliver top-notch cooling during the hotter months of the year. Without proper maintenance, your cooling units can never stand the test of time. A lot of dirt, dust and grime accumulates on the filter of your air conditioning systems, over the course of time. If left uncleaned for longer periods of time, the build-up of dirt can clog the indoor unit and reduce air flow. This can take a toll on the service life of your air conditioning unit.   Here are the best air conditioning cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner unit working with the maximum efficiency, over time.   Clean and Replace Air Filter at Regular Intervals   For your air conditioning systems that have reusable filters, you need to repair and clean them at regular intervals. Your cooling systems are rigorously used during the hotter months and it is highly recommended to conduct the cleaning process once in a month, during that time. On the contrary, during spring, a single cleaning job can keep your cooling system in optimal condition. Cleaning the air filters on a regular basis not only enhances the air flow and cooling performance of your system but also removes all the allergen particles, disease-spreading germs, dirt, dust and grime. If you are looking for top-notch air conditioning cleaning in Nightcliff it is best to leave it to the professionals. Get your cooling units inspected by professionals to make sure whether you need to replace your air filter for making your system more efficient.   Clean the Outdoor Unit to Keep it Free from Debris and Obstructions   You need to keep in mind that the outdoor unit should never be neglected. Like the indoor units, a lot of dirt, grime and dust can get accumulated on the outdoor unit fins. The air flow can get hampered if the outdoor unit is left unattended for larger periods of time. This forces the compressor to work much harder - leading to higher energy bills and also reducing the service life of your unit.   Inspect the Thermostat   In order to enjoy top-notch air flow and cooling, the thermostat should work efficiently. When you hire air conditioning experts for routine maintenance, make sure the thermostat is properly inspected and repaired if needed. It is wise to replace your existing thermostat with a programmable one. This will allow you to control the temperatures and create a comfortable environment around your interior spaces. Installing a programmable thermostat will also save you power and lower the energy bills exponentially.   Indoor Unit Grilles Should Be Thoroughly Cleaned   Over time, dust and debris also accumulates on the grilles of the indoor unit. All you need to do is vacuum clean the grilles or wipe using a damp cloth, to enhance the air flow.   You Need to Inspect the Condensing Unit   To make sure your air conditioning unit works efficiently over the course of time, you need to inspect the condensing unit at regular intervals. You have to make sure whether the fan that is attached to the condenser is in optimal condition. While inspecting the condensing unit, if you find chips or cracks on the fan blades, you need to replace it as soon as possible. If your system is not a new one, you have to oil the fan motor once in three months. You also need to check out for signs of melted insulation, burned wires, overheating and other issues that can be resolved by experienced technicians.   Air conditioner maintenance or air conditioning cleaning in Nightcliff should be best left to the professionals. By trying to do it on your own, you could end up damaging the system. With decades of experience in the industry, Top End Chill offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning services to both residential and commercial establishments. Our team of highly experienced technicians are well adept to provide you with hassle-free installation or repairs within your budget and timeframe.  

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