The active ingredient in Forcefield forms a colourless, odourless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds to your product’s surface. The strong positive charge disrupts the cell membrane of all microorganisms that contacts the active surface, thereby causing their cytoplasm and organelles to leak out. It resembles popping a water balloon. Because of this physical kill mechanism, Forcefield does not promote the development of drug resistant superbugs.

Because Forcefield is continuously destroying bacteria and mould and mildew that contact it, you should still clean the surface to remove the dead cell debris, Forcefield does not do that for you.


Forcefield is environmentally responsible because it is a water-based solution. It does not contain any volatile organic compounds and decays in landfills to commonly occurring material like silicon dioxide (sand), carbon and nitrogen oxides and water.

Forcefield protection continuously fights the growth microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew. Forcefield protection makes products easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher and odour-free between cleanings.