Duct Repair/Replacement

Duct Work Repairs& Replacement

Duct work is an essential part of your home’s ventilation, and simply put it, without it, your Air Conditioning system wouldn’t be able to transport air from room to room, ensuring each room has adequate and equal cool or warm air.

Quite often, homeowners don’t think about the ductwork component of their Air Conditioning System when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to caring for it, it is quite often missed. In turn, this leads to compromised Ducting, but diminished overall performance.

Signs.. it’s time to replace your Air conditioning duct

Similar to all other Air Conditioning components, proper care, maintenance and regular servicing adds to the longevity of your Duct work. Properly cared for Duct work can last up to ten years. Throughout the course of the years, it is common to see air duct seals and joints vulnerable to damages through wear-and-tear and deterioration.

Poor Airflow

Have you noticed diminished air flow within your home? Or maybe one room cools faster than another? Are your bills rising due to energy inefficiencies? Chances are that your duct work is filled with dirt, dust and grime and needs cleaning out or replacement. Correct airflow is essential to ensuring your Air Conditioning system is functioning at its best and the Duct work that carries the airflow is vital to the overall performance.

Poor Cooling & Performance

Air Conditioning not optimally functioning anymore? Is the air not cooling and heating as it should be? Whilst numerous factors may lead to this, a percentage of cases come down to contaminated or damaged Duct work. A licensed Air Conditioning maintenance technician can assist in inspecting your system and providing a resolution and positive outcome.

Mould, Dirt, Dust, Grime &Odours

Old, out-of-date Duct work can over time become congested and at times even constructed by dirt, dust and grime. While this not only decreases the efficiency of air flow, it also contaminates the air that circulates through the system, polluting it and decreases your homes indoor air quality.

Dents & Punctures

When you initially had your Ducted Air Conditioning system installed, the team would have carefully designed the layout and placement of Duct work in your roofing. However, as time goes on, natural movement occurs which can cause dents and punctures damaging the Duct work, diminishing its overall performance.

Loud Operation

Sometimes we can’t see things are going wrong, and this is quite often with Duct work – as it’s in our ceilings and we don’t take much notice until it’s not working properly. Noise coming from your Air Conditioning system can indicate malfunctioning Duct work, it is best to call a licenced technician to come out, inspect the Ducting and provide an analysis and report.

Benefits of replacing you Air conditioning ducting

Some of the key benefits include:
• Improved hygiene within your family home
• Increased Air Quality, diminishing health concerns
• Higher Energy Efficiency, leading to decreased utility bills, putting money back into your pocket Extending the lifespan of your Air Conditioning system
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