Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning service in Darwin

Our trained technicians will carefully clean your air-conditioning and air-duct system. Duct cleaning is a specialised service using specifically designed equipment for safe, fast and efficient contaminant removal. Knowledge of air ducting systems and NADCA standards are essential for a thorough duct cleaning solution.

Duct cleaning removes contaminants using source removal methods (we do not use chemical sealants). This improves indoor air quality, air flow, odours, operation costs and occupant’s health. After the system is cleaned, there will be a noticeable reduction in dust, and diffusers will be visibly cleaner. Many different parts of air conditioning systems periodically require cleaning.

Air handling units

We remove debris, dust, lint, carbon and other contaminants from the air handling unit (AHU). The AHU can also include the outdoor coil, outside air intake, fan and dampers.

Return Air System

The return air system clean includes the removal of contaminants from:
• Internal surfaces of rigid and flexible duct.
• Any internal flow control devices, i.e., dampers or vanes.
• Registers.
• Some systems utilise the ceiling space as a return path, which is known as a return plenum. In this case, our technicians will treat the ceiling space as a return duct.
• Supply air system.

The supply system clean consists contaminant removal from:
• Internal surfaces of rigid and flexible duct.
• Any internal flow control devices, i.e., dampers and vanes.
• Diffusers.
• Heating & cooling coils.

The coils are cleaned of dust to reduce contaminant build-up and blockages. They are treated to reduce oxidisation on the surface of the fins. This increases temperature transfers and reduces air flow resistance. A cleaner coil offers improved system efficiencies and reduced operational costs. Coil cleaning is a specialist area and requires correct techniques to ensure the best results.

Ventilation systems

The ventilation system is separate from the air conditioning system and often has many individual units. The individual units may include toilet exhaust, car park exhaust, photocopy rooms, computer rooms, kitchen exhaust and others.

Other systems

In addition, many miscellaneous systems are included as part of our duct cleaning service.
• Outside discharge hood.
• Internal surfaces of rigid and flexible ducts.
• Dampers.
• Fan blades and motors.
• Registers.
• Canopy.