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Air Conditioning Cleaning Darwin, Bayview and Fannie Bay

If you haven’t maintained a regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance schedule, how can you guarantee the quality of the air that you are breathing?

Did you know that a dirty Air Conditioning system can cause?

  • Asthma Attacks
  • Allergies
  • Sore dry eyes
  • Hay Fever
  • Fatigue

Don’t worry, Top End Chill Air-Conditioning is here to help you. We specialise in residential and commercial air conditioning duct cleaning, air odour control and duct sterilisation.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Top End Chill Air-Conditioning’s air conditioning cleaning in Darwin, Bayview and Fannie Bay removes mould, dirt and contaminant from your air conditioner in order to make it work more efficiently. Our cleaning services ensure that your air conditioner will function effectively with dramatically increased cooling and air flow.

Highly Effective Air Conditioning Cleaning Services Darwin, Bayview and Fannie Bay

Our highly effective service includes cleaning your filter, coil, fan, flushing the drain and more.

Top End Chill Air-Conditioning’s cleaning services break down built-up grime, mould and dirt before effectively removing them in the cleaning process.

We also make sure that the air conditioning unit cools effectively by pressure cleaning the fins on the evaporative unit to remove built-up dirt and grime. Moving forward, water is pumped onto the barrel fan to ensure complete removal of built up dirt and grime. Finally, after the cleaning is done, the air conditioning unit is properly tested to ensure high functionality.

Stay Healthier And Save Money with Air Conditioning Cleaning Darwin, Bayview and Fannie Bay

Your air conditioning units are often the breeding ground for mould and bacteria which can be detrimental to your health.

Mould spores, bacteria and contaminants get blown to the rooms every time you switch on the air-conditioner. According to medical research, a properly cleaned air conditioner is mandatory for people suffering from asthma or any other respiratory disease.

Don’t worry, when you get your air conditioning units cleaned with Top End Chill Air-Conditioning, you will not only stay healthier but also save a lot of money, as the units will run more efficiently.

Our highly effective air conditioning cleaning service will exponentially improve the airflow and cooling performance. The units will have to work for a shorter period to generate the same amount of cooling in your rooms. We also ensure that after a cleaning service your air conditioner will attain the desired temperature more quickly and this will eventually lower your energy bills.

Our air conditioner cleaning service is tailored to suit any air conditioning or ventilation system, building type, working environment or project size.

At Top End Chill Air-Conditioning, we take immense pride in our team of highly trained technicians, who value your money and offer seamless air conditioning cleaning in Darwin, Bayview and Fannie Bay.

For quality and affordable air conditioning services contact us now.